When choosing a major for my second year at ACAD in 1999, I picked jewellery because it seemed the most well-rounded program when it came to learning art, craft, and design. I didn’t continue metalsmithing after graduating in 2004, but the experience helped shaped my aesthetic sensibilities and improved my attention to detail. In this selection, you may notice recurring motifs of cephalopods, microbiology, and modernist design, which remain three of my favorite things.

Arachne in sterling silver and lapis lazuli 1998

Octopus Pendant in silver 1999

Cell Diagram Pendant in silver, bronze, and amber 2000

DNA Necklace and Earrings in fine silver and brass 2000

Hula Bracelet in cast silver 2001

Octopus Pendant in cast silver 2001

Hello Squiddy in cast silver 2001

Fern Ring in cast silver and amber 2001

Lapis Pin in silver and lapis lazuli 2003

Deco Earrings in silver and rose quartz 2003