Art & Design

My best art lives here so you can be all impressed and go, “Ooh, shiny…”

Drawing & Illustration – I had many drawings to choose from, but only picked a handful – the ones I feel represent my current skill and style. My prime interest has always been anatomical drawing, but I threw a few other things in there for versatility.

Figure Drawing – I took my first serious figure drawing course in 1997, but did most of my best figure drawing during my two-semester anatomical drawing class in 2002/03. I still draw models now and then in group sessions at the local animation club, but haven’t booked any solid model time to come up with anything more than sketches. It’s mainly something I do to keep my drawing hand limber.

Jewellery – When choosing a major for my second year at ACAD in 1999, I picked jewellery because it seemed the most well-rounded program when it came to learning art, craft, and design. I didn’t continue metal-smithing after graduating in 2004, but the experience helped shaped my aesthetic sensibilities and improved my attention to detail.